Our Ministries

The vision of Peace Baptist Church is Discipling the Church to meet needs wherever they may be found. All ministries of Peace are structured around this vision and organized under eight parent ministries: Administration, School of Discipleship, First Impressions, GRACE Fellowship Groups, Pastoral Care, Urban Outreach, Worship & Arts, and Youth Development.


In Matthew 28:19, Jesus commands the disciples to “Go and make disciples of all nations”. We too have been called to make disciples who are rooted and grounded in God’s Word. The School of Discipleship includes all of our biblically based educational programs including Wednesday Nite Live Bible Study, Sunday School, and Ministry Training.

The Worship and Performing Arts Ministry is designed to minister God’s Word through song, drama, dance, media, and spoken word. Although we may use non-conventional methods, the Word of God is preeminent and uncompromised. Our pastor oftentimes uses skits to bring his message to life.

The Pastoral Care Ministry encompasses the training of licensed ministers as well as the training of lay leaders who wish to walk members through crisis, our Stephen’s Ministers.

The Church……

Peace is oftentimes praised for its warmth and family atmosphere and we attempt to seal that impression from the time a person walks through the door. Our First Impressions Ministry exists to make a lasting, positive first impression to all who call or visit the church.

We maintain our warm atmosphere through fellowship. The Women’s, Men’s, Married’s, Single’s, and Senior’s ministries work cooperatively to provide church-wide and small group fellowship events to allow the members to connect and network.

To Meet Needs………..

The Urban Outreach Ministry of Peace Baptist Church oversees all outreach ministries.

Some of the outreach ministries that began within Peace Baptist Church are now managed by a separate 501-3(c), Peace on the Move Inc. This allows Peace to partner with external organizations and expands its vision well beyond its “four walls”. Visit www.potm.org