How To Give

At Peace Baptist Church, we recognize that God owns everything and we are merely stewards of the resources He has blessed us with. Therefore, we cheerfully commit to giving a portion of our income to support the bold vision that God has placed on the heart of the Peace Family.

Our members are increasingly using technology to manage their personal finances. Therefore, we have established multiple electronic methods to receive donations from the members and friends of Peace Baptist Church. These methods include:

Weekly Service:
When giving in the offering during service, please be sure to enter your giving code or envelope number on the envelope. This allows the staff to properly code contributions to the correct person. All members were assigned and sent a code when they joined. If you are a regular attendee who would like a code or you are a member who has forgotten their code, please contact the church office or email Dennice Dixon at (404) 288-1750 or

Online One-Time Contribution:
An online gift can be received at any time via the Peace website using a VISA/Mastercard Credit/Debit Card. To do so, click here. Through this site, contributions can be scheduled according to a schedule you establish.

Automatic Deduction from your Payroll Check:
If your employer allows you to deposit monies in multiple accounts, then you can elect to have monies deducted directly from your payroll check. Please click here to complete the form to request information. Please see or email Dennice Dixon or Tabitha Barnette for additional information.

Automatic Deduction from your Personal Checking Account:
You may also have your contributions automatically deducted from your checking account using a pre-determined scheduled, the 2nd and/or 16th of each month. To do so, please complete the Authorization Agreement for Pre-Authorized Electronic Contributions Form and return the completed form to Dennice Dixon or Tabitha Barnette.

US Mail:
Some members choose to mail their contributions to Peace Baptist Church, 4000 Covington Hwy., Decatur, GA 30032. We appreciate your interest in supporting the ministry of Peace Baptist Church.