Join the Family

Thank you for your interest in joining the family of Peace. Our greatest desire for those who are attending Peace Baptist Church is for them to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and to develop a personal relationship with Him. Therefore, it is important for Christians to consistently attend a Bible believing church that will help them develop spiritually.

SONY DSCFor those who wish to make Peace Baptist Church their church home where they will develop that relationship with Christ, there are other expectations that we hope members will fulfill. First, all persons who wish to be members of Peace must complete a membership class. This class is offered at different times and in different lengths to accommodate the busy schedules of our prospective members. In the membership class, the facilitators will teach the foundational principles of Christianity and church membership as well as share the organizational structure of Peace Baptist Church.

We believe that membership at Peace is much more than joining a social organization. It is joining a family, a family of believers. Metro Atlanta is full of people who have migrated from other cities and states. Peace to many members has served as a surrogate family, a home away from home.  We strive to maintain the love, support, and unity of a strong family. For this reason, we challenge our members to Rise Up to Give God Their Best by:

  •  Completing Membership Class;
  • Attending Church 2-3 times per month;
  • Joining a weekly discipleship group;
  • Attending at least 2 fellowship events per year;
  • Participating in at least 2 outreach activities per year;
  • Participating in the prayer emphasis of the church;
  • Giving to the ministry;
  • Serving in ministry.

How to Register for Membership Class

Membership Class is scheduled every Sunday starting at 9:30 am at the Towers Location in the Band Room. A new member can start attending on any Sunday. There are 4 classes and a certificate of completion will be given once the 4th class is completed. You can register for a class by doing one of the following:

  • Responding to the invitation for affiliation during the altar call after a church service. You will be given information for the next scheduled membership class.
  • Contacting the church office (404) 288-1750 to register for the next scheduled membership class.
  • Completing the attached form and placing it in the offering basket.
  • Going directly to the first membership class without registering.